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All about Paige

Paige is a 5 years, 1 month old female Akita who weighs 75 pounds and has been with us for 32 days.

Paige is a 5 year old , 75 pound Akita .

She is a loyal girl who loved being a part of a family . When her owners seperated she was rehomed and then ended up as a stray on a porch barely moving .
It was determined she has anaplasmosis (a tick Bourne disease ) and is currently being treated .
Her outlook is great and she should show no residual signs once she's done.
We are looking fur someone familiar with the breed to take Paige under their wing.
Akitas can be protective and need strong , confident owners to help them with setting clear boundaries.

If you would be interested in meeting the obviously beautiful girl and getting a chance to know her, please apply here :
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Paige 1
Paige 3
Additional Information

Housetrained: Unknown or unspecified

Has lived with animals: No

Has lived with children: No

Site: Griffin Pond Animal Shelter

Location: Dog Holding / Dog Holding

On Hold: No

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