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Meet Ace

All about Ace

Ace is a 7 years, 2 months old male Bulldog/American Pit Bull Terrier who weighs 98 pounds and has been with us for 1078 days.

Ace has a bite history and specific needs.
Ace is also so much more than that. If you think you can give him a chance, please read on.

This big hunk is Ace, a 5 year old American Bulldog mix. Ace is a genuinely friendly guy, who loves people. He knows basic commands and is mostly housebroken. He also walks well on the leash. Ace loves treats and toys, but he is a heavy chewer and would need tough toys. While Ace is well mannered and a very good boy, he does have one specific need. He must be crated when he is sleeping. He CANNOT be touched while he is asleep. We have no way of knowing what happened in his past to make him have such a startled reaction to being awoken by touch, but this behavior is manageable. He is a very loving and easy going when he is awake.
Ace would do best in a home without other animals and we will not place him with children.

If you can provide Ace with a loving home and the tools for success, applications can be filled out online at
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Ace 1
Ace 2
Ace 3
Additional Information

Housetrained: Unknown or unspecified

Has lived with animals: No

Has lived with children: No

Reason for surrender: Too Much Responsibility

Site: Griffin Pond Animal Shelter

Location: Dog Quarantine / Dog Quarantine

On Hold: No

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