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All about Irwin

Irwin is a 7 years old male Black-Mouth Cur who weighs 95 pounds and has been with us for 1824 days.

Thanks to our employee Mike who works with the "harder to place dogs" and he is the one who primarily handles them so he's the best predictor of their personalities.

It says a lot when he loves a dog and they love him back .

They could have that very same bond with you . But trust is very important to establish.
Take the time ??

"Irwin loves laying on the picnic table after our walks. He's my best boy! Most people see a big, tough dog.

But I see a sweet, playful, energetic, extremely loving dog that is full of anxiety and fear tenfold what we can experience. He has often been labeled dangerous and aggressive. Labels like that are harming.

Not only to the dogs reputation, but to any chance you have of getting in close. Their actions could be dangerous, of course.

But understanding and empathy can go a long way. Give the "tough ones" a chance. It takes time and patience but it's worth every second and every small step of progress.

Anyone who has won them over will tell you the feeling you get from it is indescribable, and more importantly you will feel what real, unconditional love is.

Irwin is available @griffin_pond_animal_shelter Several meet n greets are required as it does take time for him to adjust to people.

Irwin loves dogs, we've yet to find a dog he reacts badly toward. Come meet my dude! #adoptdontshop #griffinpondanimalshelter #findyournewbestfriend🐾
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Irwin 1
Irwin 2
Irwin 3
Additional Information

Housetrained: Unknown or unspecified

Has lived with animals: No

Has lived with children: No

Site: Griffin Pond Animal Shelter

Location: Dog Quarantine / Dog Quarantine

On Hold: No

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