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Meet Bubba

All about Bubba

Bubba is a 4 years, 1 month old female Domestic Shorthair/Mix cat who weighs 10 pounds and has been with us for 55 days.

Bubba(4) has no idea how she ended up in this place, she woke up one morning and her whole world ?? changed.

Not only did she get uprooted from her home , her family and her siblings but as her luck would have it, she ended up in a cage with her sibling named Trouble ??

She's having trouble accepting that she's not hanging on a cozy couch or laying on the carpet catching some sunshine.

She's incredibly inquisitive and loving and completely deserving of a forever home.

Meet Bubba by applying here:
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Bubba 1
Additional Information

Housetrained: Unknown or unspecified

Has lived with animals: No

Has lived with children: No

Reason for surrender: Cannot Care For

Site: Griffin Pond Animal Shelter

Location: Cat Quarantine / Cat Quarantine

On Hold: No

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