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Meet Mya

All about Mya

Mya is a 2 years, 5 months old female Domestic Shorthair/Mix cat who weighs 11 pounds and has been with us for 160 days.

Mya has been with us since February, it's taken her that long to trust us.
The shelter can be a very intimidating place for a former house cat who was in a quiet home.
Readjustment time is always recommended when taking a new cat home for the first time .
She was just scared but is coming along beautifully with the help of our cat staff .
They are every day heroes , especially to cats like 2 year old Maya .

You can apply to meet her here :
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Mya 1
Additional Information

Housetrained: Unknown or unspecified

Has lived with animals: No

Has lived with children: No

Site: Griffin Pond Animal Shelter

Location: Cat Adoption / Cat Adoption

On Hold: No

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