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Pets in Space

Your pet has, sadly, shuffled off this mortal coil. What now? A simple backyard burial? Cremation? Nah, that’s not fitting for a true pet. Send it into space instead.

Yes, really. A company called Celestis will do it for about a thousand bucks (though they’re running a promo right now that will shave a couple hundred off). They’ve been doing it with humans for years, and now they’ve finally decided to expand the service to pets — because owners love to spend money on their pets, even after they’re dead.

Now, just to clear up any confusion, they’re not going to pop Rover into a capsule and whisk him away in his own rocket like the Russians did with Laika. Celestis actually sends off “a symbolic portion of cremated remains.” Much less exciting, yes, but also a whole lot more practical. For $995, you can send your deceased pet up for an Earthrise. A lap or two around the planet will run you $4,995. Lunar and deep space services are also available, and as you’d expect they’re a whole lot pricier. Celestis starts those upper tiers off at $12,500

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