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Rebecca Hernandez and her husband, Frankie, adopted Apollo the dog together when he was just a tiny puppy. That was four years ago. Frankie Hernandez was in the Marines, and the three lived together in California.Frankie and Apollo were inseparable then. So much that Apollo would get jealous when Rebecca, who is 25, cuddled her husband on the couch.”He would come and sit right in between us. It was adorable,” she told TODAY in an email.

The couple split up in 2015. They’d been high school sweethearts who married young — in 2012, when Rebecca had just finished college.

Somewhere along the way, they just “sort of grew apart,” she said. Now Rebecca and Apollo are in her hometown of Mercedes, Texas. (Apollo lives with Rebecca’s parents there, since her apartment complex doesn’t allow pets.) Frankie, no longer in the Marines, is living in Houston.

But the 26-year-old doesn’t let the distance stop him from celebrating Apollo.

Source: Woman’s ex sends birthday card to their dog every year – TODAY.com

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