What holiday favorites can be fatal for Fido?

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As the holidays draw near, many of us reflect on how grateful we are for our families. Pets are family members, too, and their safety and well-being is important to keep in mind during this festive season.

Food safety

Bones: Don’t feed your dog cooked bones. They can splinter and cause internal tears or obstructions.

Overfeeding: We recommend not giving your pet human food. Overfeeding your pet human food could cause diarrhea, upset stomach or even pancreatitis.

Toxic Seasonal Foods: Onion and garlic, macadamia nuts, raisins and grapes

Holiday Decorations

We all want our homes to look festive for the holidays. But before you begin to deck the halls, there a few things you should know to keep your pet safe.

If consumed, tinsel can get caught in the digestive tract and may require surgery for removal.

Cats/kittens can especially get into trouble with this kind of decoration.Poinsettias, holly and mistletoe are extremely toxic to pets. Also, many varieties of day lilies can cause kidney failure in cats if ingested. Using artificial alternatives can keep your pet safe and save you money.

Lights, both in string and candle-form, should be kept out of your pet’s reach to prevent burns, shock and accidental fires.

Christmas Trees

Secure your tree to the wall to prevent pets from knocking it over.

If you are using a real tree, be careful that your pet doesn’t drink the water. Bacteria are more likely to grow in still water and can make your pet sick.

Placing glass ornaments higher up on the tree or using plastic ones can prevent broken glass and injury to your pet.

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