Watch Guy Save Falling Cat Using Only His Backpack –

A Russian man is being hailed as a hero after he managed to catch a falling cat who had been dangling from a cable strung across a two-story building. Earlier this month, a woman named Natalia Kompan captured footage of the distressed feline struggling to cling to the wire above their heads. Another man can be seen standing directly under the cat with an open backpack held.

The two can be heard saying coaxing phrases to the cat until finally, the cat loses its grip and plunges to the ground.

But have not fear – the man uses his backpack to make a spectacular catch and safely cushions the feline’s fall.

The cat, who was suspected to have climbed out of a window of the Sochi building, is unharmed after the fall, even though it had reportedly been dangling from the cable for 30 minutes.

Source: Watch Guy Save Falling Cat Using Only His Backpack – Good News Network

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