Veterinarian climbs into crate to comfort abandoned dog in viral video –

urns out this veterinarian can lend a home and a heart.A stray dog was first brought to Dr. Andy Mathis, who works at an animal care center in Georgia, by a passerby who found her on a dirt road.share linkVet climbs into crate to comfort dog, winning Web’s heartPLAY VIDEOMORE VIDEO ‘I don’t want to break his heart’: Adorable little girl explains breakup drama Tony winner Victoria Clark sings ‘It’s Never Too Late for Love’ 84-year-old woman reconnects with high school sweetheart This photo of a hot grandpa has the Internet reelingThe pup was in such rough shape, Mathis feared he would have to put her to sleep. But after reaching out to his Facebook community, he received an enormous response to try and save the dog — eventually named Graycie Claire by his social media followers.RELATED: ASPCA ‘safety net’ keeps pets out of shelters (and hearts from breaking)Mathis provided status updates on Graycie’s health, along with a sweet video that’s now going viral.The video, which has been viewed over 6 million times on the animal care clinic’s Facebook page, shows a heartwarming, unexpected act by the veterinarian. Upon realizing Graycie was struggling to eat, Mathis climbed into the crate to comfort her — and brought his own breakfast along, too!RELATED: ‘Hugging dogs’ adopted after being saved from euthanizationAfter the video was posted, social media users went crazy, asking how they could adopt the rescue dog. And it looks like Mathis’ moment of compassion paid off: On Tuesday night, the clinic shared new photos of Graycie “moving in the with the big girls.”

Source: Veterinarian climbs into crate to comfort abandoned dog in viral video –

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