TSA’s tips for traveling with your pet

These days you can bring your small dog or cat with you in the passenger area of the plane when you fly. The TSA has special security procedures. They are offering the following tips for making travel with your pet easier.

Before you go:

Acclimate your pet to the experience of traveling by familiarizing him with the travel carrier before your trip.

Know the temperament of your pet and be sure you can maintain control of her in the busy airport.

Prior to going through security, visit the pet potty area at the north and south ends of the airport. There is an area near the Concourse “B” exit across from Hudson News.

At the airport

Avoid bringing your pet to an area of an airport where a working K9 is operating with his handler.

Bring your pet to the security checkpoint in a hand-held carrier. Remove him from the carrier just prior to the beginning of the screening process.

Don’t put your pet into the x-ray tunnel, which is used to screen your personal property and carry-on luggage. Place the empty travel carrier on the belt.

Your pet should be carried during the screening process, or he can walk on a leash.

A TSA officer will give your hands an explosive trace detection swab to be sure there is no explosive residue on your hands.

Once the screening process is complete, put your pet back in the carrier, away from the security checkpoint area.

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