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According to the National Retail Federation over 22 million Americans will dress up their pet for Halloween, and spend over $330 million dollars doing so. According to the Federation the most popular pet costume in 2015 is a dressing up as a pumpkin, followed by a hot dog (particularly popular with Dachshunds).Donald Trump catHowever, the Federation doesn’t note the trendiest costume – which doesn’t cost a penny. All you need is a pet with lots of hair on his or her head, and a comb to brush the hair all to one side and to poof it up a bit – and the result is a Donald Trump dog or cat.“You do need a neck tie to complete the look,” says pet stylist Alice Lerman of Chicago pet boutique Barker & Meowsky: A Paw Firm.Lerman – known to Chicagoans as Mrs. Meowsky – says her trendiest choice is Sir Wags A Lot, a loosely fitting knight sweater for dogs who are fans of TV’s the Game of Thrones.Whether you’re a fan of the New York Mets, Kansas City Royal, Chicago Cubs or Toronto Blue Jays – Meowsky says she can get a uniform for you. In fact, a World Series games is scheduled on Halloween.Hockey jerseys are also available for any National Hockey League team, though Meowsky is partial to the Stanley Cub Champion Blackhawks (since she’s a Chicagoan).

The Internet has apparently spread the Halloween spirit to countries who don’t even celebrate. Meowsky says her most popular item are bat wings, which she’s shipped to Australia, Canada, England and Ireland – though, so far, not Transylvania.Meowsky says that other trendy items are the Amelia Earhart aviator cap, the mouse hat (perfect for cats) or the frog hat.

Source: Trendy Halloween Pet Costumes, Halloween Pet Safety | Steve Dale’s Pet World

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