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If your beloved pet is snuggling with you while you read this, you might want to distract them away from the screen. Our furry friends tend to be, well, a bit less enthusiastic about their Halloween costumes than we are.And this is shaping up to be a very big year for pet costumes: Everything from minions to wild animals and superheroes are top choices.”With the highly anticipated release of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens,’ we are anticipating classic Star Wars characters such as Darth Vader and Yoda flying off our shelves,” a “spooksperson” for Party City told of Party CityA minion is the perfect pet costume for a big-eyed pug! Courtesy of Party CityUnder that Darth Vader helmet is an adorable pug!”‘Minions’ recently became the second biggest animated movie of all time,” added the Party City rep, who noted that the quirky pill-shaped creatures also make a great group costume for the whole family.RELATED: TODAY’s ultimate Halloween costume guide: More than 150 ideas to stealData collected by Amazon confirms that Star Wars characters and minions are indeed among the top-trending themes for pet costumes. An Amazon spokesperson provided TODAY with its top sellers.Amazon:Despicable Me 2 Minion Pet

CostumeRubies Costume Star Wars Collection Pet CostumePink Purple Birthday Girl Paw Prints Clown Hat For Dog CostumeAnimal Planet PET20104 triceratops Dog CostumeLuau Shirt Pet CostumeSombrero Multicolored For PetsRubies Costume Halloween Classics Collection Pet CostumeCalifornia Costume Collections Animal Planet Lion Dog Costume, LargeAnimal Planet PET20109 Raptor Dog CostumeRubies Dapper Dog CostumeCourtesy of AmazonRuff! I mean, Roar! Courtesy of AmazonThe cutest velociraptor ever!Data pulled from eBay shows quite a different set of themes. Kari Ramirez, communications manager at eBay, told TODAY that this data was pulled over the past two weeks from what the platform’s 157 million active buyers are selecting. This list includes more options for cats than for dogs.SupermanLion (this one is for cats!)PandaBatman (another cat option!)Necktie (cats rule again!)Christine Schirmer, consumer communications for Pinterest, reveals another set of trends entirely. Here are the top trending pet costume-related pins on the social platform. Some of these are especially great ideas if your child wants to participate in the theme.Puggy MonsterKissing Booth PupChia Pet Halloween CostumeBatman Dog CostumeBoston Terrier SkunkScuba Diver PuppyBeauty and the Beast CostumeYoda CatPrincess Leia CatKitty Potter

Source: The most popular Halloween costumes for pets, from ‘Star Wars’ to minions –

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