Sharing isn’t always caring for pets on

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and with it comes a lot of food. Even though you may be tempted by your pet’s pleading eyes to share your Thanksgiving leftovers, many foods are actually dangerous and unhealthy for them.Rich and fatty foods (such as turkey skins, gravy, etc.) unfortunately can cause serious abdominal issues for pets. Tempting as it may be, keep them out of reach from your cats and dogs.While it might seem like a good idea to give your pet turkey bones to chew on, cooked bones are actually quite dangerous. These bones are brittle choking hazards and can splinter when chewed, potentially causing tears or obstructions in your pet’s digestive tract. If you do want to give your dog a bone, remember to stay away from the three Bs: Baked, Broiled, or Barbequed, all of which dry out the bone and make it brittle.Another Thanksgiving staple that can be hazardous to pets is stuffing. Stuffing often contains onions, which poison dogs’ blood cells. Onions have thiosulphate which is toxic to both cats and dogs. Your pets should also avoid garlic bread as garlic is also bad for your pets’ blood. Even the smallest amount could become detrimental to your pet’s health.Finally, be aware that tasty candy for humans can be dangerous to pets. Chocolate is poisonous and can even be fatal for pets. So even though you want to share what you’re having, resist the temptation and only give them pet-approved treats!Foothills Animal Shelter contributed to this report.

Source: Sharing isn’t always caring for pets on Thanksgiving

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