Safest States for Pets in

You want the best for your child, even if that kid happens to be a cat or dog.To give pet owners peace of mind and some relocation ideas, Safewise released a researched list of the the most pet-friendly states. These are the places that are the most fun for pets and provide them with the most safety.Safewise looked at data from the Bureau of Labor, the Animal League Defense Fund and, along with other resources, to deduce which states are the best based on animal cruelty laws, no-kill shelter numbers, dog parks and more.Take a look to see where your state ranks, and why the Top 10 Most Pet-Friendly got their place on the good list.

10. Washington

This Pacific Northwest state is home to numerous dog parks, and it has plenty of pet-friendly bars, restaurants, shops, hotels and more. Overall, Washington has the 13th best animal cruelty laws in the country, helping it get on the list.

9. Rhode Island

This tiny state has a lot of pet love. Rhode Island is no. 7 in animal cruelty laws and has some of the best health and wellness factors for animals. Trails, parks and beaches around the state are open to dogs, so they can stay active and enjoy nature.

8. Kansas

Like Washington, this state has plenty of businesses that welcome pets and humans alike. Kansas also has a high number of non-kill shelters, with 30 percent of rescues holding onto animals until they find forever homes.

7. Massachusetts 

One of the original colonies is also one of America’s best places for pets. Massachusetts offers its animals more protection against abusers, doling out harsh sentences to offenders. Vets, dog trails and parks are all plentiful, helping Massachusetts pets feel safe and satisfied.

6. Oregon 

Is it surprising the Beaver State loves animals? The state has over 200 parks and over 240 pet-friendly businesses from which to choose.

5. Colorado 

Source: Safest States for Pets in America

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