Pet Safety Tips and Signs of Heat Exhaustion

Pet safety tips:• Keep pets indoors.• Provide pets access to cool water at all times, whether indoors or out.• Never chain your pet; if they get tangled up, it will be difficult for them to access shade or water.• Do not exercise your pet during the sweltering afternoon heat (hot pavement will burn a dog’s paws). If you are planning to walk your pet, do so in the very early morning hours or very late in the evening.• Do not exercise your pet strenuously—avoid long walks, hikes or excessive play. They will not know when to slow down and will not be able to ask for help until it is too late.• Never leave your pet in a parked car; on a hot summer day, a car’s interior temperature can reach 200 degrees in just minutes. If you see a pet in a hot car, call 911, notify the business/security and stay with the vehicle.For pets that must stay outdoors:• Provide shelter that is ventilated with good air circulation in a shaded area.• Baby pools filled with water are an excellent way to keep your pets cool this summer season; be sure to keep the pool in a shaded area.• Pets with very short, lighter colored hair are prone to sunburns. A sunscreen safe for babies will also work well.• Provide clean, cool drinking water in a non-metal, spill-proof container that is large enough for the specific pet; in-ground swimming pools are not adequate water sources and contain harmful chemicals. Heat exhaustion in dogsSigns:• Red gums and tongue• Loud, rapid panting• Excessive/lack of drool• Rapid pulse• Excessive thirst• Vomiting/diarrhea• Glazed eyes• Elevated temperature• Weakness, collapse• Seizures• Unconsciousness• Body temperature over 103 degrees What to do• Call your veterinarian• Move your pet to a cool place• Place a cool, wet cloth on their bellies, ears, paws and neck• Direct a fan to blow on your pet. What not to do• Do not force water• Do not leave pet alone• To avoid shock, do not use cold water or submerge pet in cold bath.

Source: Pet Safety Tips and Signs of Heat Exhaustion – East Valley Tribune: Arizona

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