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Dog owners across the country are voicing their concerns about what they’ve found in bags of Pedigree dry dog food.Thousands of people have posted their concerns on social media and said Pedigree’s dog food should be recalled because it’s making their pets sick, or even worse, their dogs have died after eating the food.Pedigree issued the following statement:“Your pet’s health is our first priority, and after testing the affected kibble we determined these are naturally-occurring fibers from meat and bone meal, like pig hair. Pedigree is still completely safe for your dogs to enjoy. Please call us at 1-800-525-5273 (8:00am-4:30pm CT) or send us a message with your phone number so a member of our animal health team can learn more about why your dog might be sick.”Doctor Brendon Brophy is a veterinarian at Rossmoyne Animal Emergency Trauma Center in Mechanicsburg. He says bone meal, which is the second ingredient in most varieties of Pedigree, has both positive and negative effects on dogs.“It’s a really cheap nutrition source, and it’s dense nutrition source. The negatives associated with it is that it’s a lot of stuff that’s just ground up together, so you don’t know really exactly everything that’s in there,” Brophy said.Abrams and Weakley General Store for Animals sells natural dog food.Those at the store say they’ve seen effects of bone meal in dogs, such as health issues, a shortened life span, and obesity.“Dogs are family members. Pets are family members these days, and everyone is really watching what they put in their bodies, so we should be watching we put in our pet’s bodies too,” said Erin Adams, who works at the store.Dr. Brophy says the ingredients are okay to give your pets, but the question is whether you are okay feeding them to your animals.“In reality, it sounds a little gross to people. It is everything left over after the meat has been removed from the animal. It is the bone, the marrow, the skin, hair, and cartilage ground up.”Those at Abrams and Weakley believe people should not feed their pets anything they would not eat themselves.“Ideally, you wouldn’t eat McDonalds for all your meals in one day, and that’s what some of these pet foods you buy in the grocery store are like. They are junk food,” Adams said.Pedigree has not recalled the food and maintains it is safe to feed animals.

Source: Outraged pet owners voice concerns about ‘fibers’ in Pedigree dog food

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