Nearly blind, elderly pit bull dog gets contact lenses

Gremlin is a pit bull who wears contact lenses.Here, in this video — which, we swear, is not going to be difficult to watch even for squeamish people — you can see how the lens goes in, and how happy the dog is with the process:

Gremlin has survived, and thrived, through a lot.

She was thought to be about 4 years old when she was rescued from a life of dog fighting, and got adopted some seven years ago. Gremlin’s lived through a whole host of serious health problems since — cancer, irritable bowel syndrome and a blood disease called babesia, among them.

The sweet, goofy, funny, loving girl also became a certified therapy dog — and inspired her human parents, Chris and Mariesa Hughes, to dedicate themselves to rescuing sick and elderly pups.

The Hugheses are founders of The Mr. Mo Project, an upstate New York-based nonprofit that gets these vulnerable animals out of shelters and into “fospice” homes, so they can live out their days as members of loving families.

Gremlin’s eyesight hasn’t been great for a while. A year and a half ago, The Hugheses began noticing signs of cataracts on top of her already partial blindness.

A veterinarian recommended surgery. Afterward, however, Gremlin developed dangerous pressure behind her right eye, causing permanent blindness there, and a lot of pain.

Gremlin was given an injection to deaden this eye, and to alleviate the discomfort. But she still couldn’t see well. The pit bull is farsighted and can see things that are far away, like a squirrel across the street, but not what’s close by. So she’d bump into things, and startled easily. She avoided being with other members of the tight-knit household — dogs and people alike.

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