Milo and Mad Dog Rescue are FLYING to Austin to pick up 40-60 dogs

THE TIME HAS COME good Milo people – you are needed!! Muttville, Milo and Mad Dog Rescue are FLYING to Austin to pick up 40-60 dogs and perhaps cats and other small animals from AUSTIN PETS ALIVE (APA) on Sunday! We will need helping hands when the plane returns with it’s precious cargo on Sunday and most importantly FOSTER HOMES! We are clearing as many adoptable animals from their shelter – these are animals AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION, that need out to make way for the several hundred displaced pets arriving daily at Austin Pets Alive! This week they continue their rescue effort for #APAHarvey.

MILO will need or Though we may get some donated from our friends at Petfood Express… We will update that – soon. But we will need extra staging space and holding of arriving animals – after this is all over the folding crates can become part of the MILO SANCTUARY EMERGENCY FIRE EVACUATION NEEDS – should that time come….

TO SIGN UP TO FOSTER send the foster form from this page back asap. or sign up at Milo Point Richmond, and if you have already fostered for Milo and are in our system – let us know A) can you take an animal, or two SUNDAY NIGHT?
B) what specifications? DOG/CAT(S)? Size? Sex?
C) EMAIL and copy and put HARVEY ANIMAL FOSTER in the subject field.
Many of these pets will arrive unaltered and may need to stay separate from your current pets until their health and temperament are established, but all will be animals deemed adoptable by Austin Pets Alive. They can be crated and let out in a yard a few times a day, at the least, it’s about getting these adoptable animals OUT alive! This will be the first round, likely unclaimed Hurricane pets or those surrendered due to lack of housing of flood victims will be the next wave – PLEASE HELP.

Source: (1) Pets On Board – Home

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