Man says dog treat killed his pet, threatens legal action |

SALEM, Ore. — A local man is threatening legal action after he says a dog treat killed his pet.The Better Business Bureau says the product is suspected of killing or hurting nine dogs nationwide over the last six months.Despite multiple complaints, Dynamic Pet Products’ Real Ham Bone for Dogs is still available at local Walmart stores and on Walmart’s website.“Agonizing cries for help”Rodney Canutt said his dog, Teddy, was the best friend he ever had.”He was my constant companion because my wife works all day,” Canutt said, “and so I’m around the house all day.”Canutt, who lives in Salem, is 72 and retired. He told KATU Teddy helped keep him healthy.”He pulled me through a lot of bad times when I was really physically sick,” Canutt explained.He said in late March his wife bought the ham bone product at Walmart and they gave it to Teddy as a treat.”He was gnawing, gnawing and chewing on it,” Canutt said. “He loved it, but we took it away from him when we saw part of the bone.”Canutt said Teddy became extremely sick, throwing up all night.After Googling Dynamic Pet Products, Canutt said he saw multiple complaints. He then took the dog to a veterinarian that he said “found three big clumps of bone in (Teddy’s ) intestinal tract that he had chewed. They were sharp shards apparently.”Teddy eventually died.”Just hearing his agonizing cries for help,” Canutt said, “just tore me apart.”Dynamic Pet Products offered to pay Teddy’s cremation and vet bills, Canutt said, but he feels that’s not enough and now he’s considering legal action.”I just want to see this company that’s been killing dogs and injuring dogs – get them out of the market!” said Canutt.Another local dog owner, Rene Lucht, of Vancouver, said her dog, Checkers, became extremely sick but survived after gnawing on the ham bone product.”We thought we were gonna lose him,” Lucht said, “actually literally thought ‘I’m gonna have to put him down.'”The Food and Drug Administration told KATU Dynamic Pet Products was cleared of wrongdoing in two investigations – one in 2010; the other in 2012.The agency also sent KATU a general warning for dog owners, saying “don’t give your dog a bone!”The FDA says all bones are too dangerous for dogs.Lucht said Dynamic Pet Products hasn’t offered to pay her $600 in veterinary bills.”I don’t care about the money,” Lucht said. “I just want the product to be pulled because it’s just killing too many animals.”Dynamic Pet Products sent KATU the following statement:At Dynamic Pet Products, we are taking seriously the concerns people have raised. We are working with individual pet owners to understand the basis of every claim and confirm the details. It is of the utmost importance to us to thoroughly understand each pet’s situation, which might involve product purchase information and veterinarian reports.We have millions of customers who want a natural bone for their pets and safely use this product with a high level of satisfaction.We want to make sure customers – new and existing – are well-informed before purchasing the product. That is why every package currently contains a label that provides detailed instructions to owners on how they can help their pets best enjoy our products. We strongly encourage owners to supervise their pets with any natural treats or snacks. We will continue to provide quality, safe products to our customers.Walmart sent a statement as well:At Walmart, we are committed to providing our customers and their pets with safe, quality pet treats. We are saddened to learn of this report of illness alleged to be associated with this product and we are working with supplier to promptly investigate it. If you have additional questions, we recommend you contact the supplier directly at 800-241-2209.

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