Is your pet in safe care?

I have two canine rescues, which I lovingly refer to as my fur kids. They are family to me, and as their owner, it is my responsibility to insure when they are placed in doggie daycare or being boarded, they are safe.I’m heartbroken to say I failed when my 13 year-old, 11 pound toy fox terrier, Buddy, was attacked at a doggie daycare on April 17. When I arrived , he was bleeding from an unprovoked attack by another dog. Little did I realize, a rib was shattered, he had multiple bites, and the left lower side was shredded. My veterinarian performed emergency surgery and was told if there was internal damage, I would have to consider having the dog put down. We were blessed no puncture wounds were found in any organ, and the surgery was successful. He is still recovering and regaining his ability to play.If you place your pet in a facility, I urge you to investigate where your pet will be, ask questions as to how your pet will be cared for, what procedures are in place to protect your pet, and credentials the facility and staff have to insure your pet is safe. With summer, families have plans and travel that cannot include their fur kids.Please make time to know they are safe and can leave them without concern. Be assured I’ve done my homework now and will continue to do so. My fur kids are depending on me.Sheila DreherDavenport

Source: Is your pet in safe care?

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