How to Make a Dog Survival Earthquake Kit

We learn these things in grade school: the importance of having first aid, food, and water in case of an earthquake. We also learn to go under a sturdy surface that can protect us from falling objects and to stay away from windows.

It’s vital to understand these things so we minimize fatalities. It’s also good to learn what earthquakes are, scientifically speaking. Can you imagine if we thought it was some other unidentified phenomena from outer space? Knowing the science behind these natural disasters makes life easier for kids to deal with. At least it did for me growing up in California.

But how many of us are prepared to handle our dogs during an earthquake–the other little kid in our life?

Dogs may be wondering why the floor and walls are shaking. Where that rumble is coming from. Why things all falling over. Why the kids are crying. Why sirens and helicopters are causing a frenzy in the neighborhood. A natural phenomena like an earthquake is impossible to explain to a dog.

via How to Make a Dog Survival Earthquake Kit.

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