Dog Dangers: The Mistakes The Owners Make

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what allergy biting and scratching can do. bald spots on dog(Photo: Dr. Andress)

For dogs that aren’t allergic, the change in season provides an opportunity for better health. “You spent the summer inside the AC. It was too hot for a walk. With the cooler temperatures you need to get out and exercise your dog. I’m talking 20-30 minutes a day of elevated heart rate–for your dog! It’s not enough for them to just take a walk to sniff– they need to move just like we need to move.” Dr. Andress says take them on the hard walk first then as a reward give them a chance to sniff around.

Next week is car week on 2WTK, but we need to mention it early because changing our anti-freeze can lead to a pet danger.s “Sometimes we change our anti-freeze and we let it drip on the floor or down the driveway. You need to clean it up because dogs don’t know it’s dangerous. We’re talking kidney failure in your pet–and they don’t have to lick up much of it to be affected.” A pet friendly anti-freeze is made with: propylene glycol.

Now onto another danger, bones. Check out the xray picture attached to this story. “This shows a bone lodged in a dog’s stomach. When you feed a dog a bone, it can break up into really sharp shards. Then the dog swallows the bone and it gets lodged. This can be life threatening for the dog.”

And rich food on the thanksgiving table? Also, not a good idea. Their systems aren’t made for all that and it causes upset and then you get upset when you’re cleaning it all up.

Dr. Andress also says dogs need to be gradually introduced to cold weather and not simply put outside. He says if the water in their dish is freezing, pets need to be brought inside.

Other problems we found while researching this topic come from Organic Authority:

Mushrooms: All mushrooms are toxic to dogs. Always watch for mushrooms in areas where you walk your dogs or where they run and play. Be especially cautious of parasol-shaped mushrooms and all small brown mushrooms. Symptoms of mushroom poisoning can range from mild vomiting and diarrhea to severe digestive problems to complete liver failure.

Compost Pile: Your compost pile in your backyard is also dangerous to your pet. The decomposing organic material could contain mycotoxins that can cause hyperthermia, agitation, excessive panting or drooling, and even seizures.

Candy: Everyone knows that chocolate is toxic to dogs, especially the baking variety, but so are raisins and the sugar-free sweetener xylitol. Be extra cautious on Halloween where pets can get into bags of candy. Wrappers and sticks from lollipops can also pose a threat causing intestinal blockages.

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