Dog abandoned by side of the road in Dallas is adopted –

KD the dog doesn’t like it when her favorite people go too long without petting and snuggling her. “She usually nudges our hand or gives us a sweet kiss on the face to remind us she is there,” her adoptive mom, Reagan Henderson, told TODAY. “All she wants to do is love on people and be loved.” It’s exactly how a dog’s life should be. But this affection and adoration is very new for KD.

In early August, she was abandoned by her former family. In surveillance video taken along a stretch of road in Dallas where animals are frequently dumped, a man is seen pulling the dog out of the back of a car by a long chain attached to her collar. That chain is left on the dog’s collar as the man, without hesitation, immediately gets back in the car and drives off.

There’s another video of KD as well. It shows the moment animal rescuers from the Dowdy Ferry Animal Commission — volunteers who monitor this notorious area for living and dead pets, and collect evidence about crimes — found her in the woods near the road.

It was about nine hours after the dog had been pulled out of the car. By then her chain had become entangled in fallen branches and she couldn’t move.

Source: Dog abandoned by side of the road in Dallas is adopted –

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