Does Your Pet Need to go on a Diet?

There’s a good chance that your pet is too fat. A startling new study finds that over half of America’s pet population is overweight or obese. That’s about 89 million cats and dogs that are at an unhealthy weight, reports Pet MD. Much like their human caretakers, obese and overweight pets face a host of serious health problems, including cardiovascular disease and cancer.In fact, obesity is the No. 1 disease in pets. But when asked, pet owners seem to think malnutrition is the biggest risk to their animals.

Experts suggest following three easy steps to trim your canine’s or feline’s waist-line:Restrict portion sizes at each meal by about 25 percent. If your pet loses a lot of weight – or doesn’t – you can always make adjustments later, in consultation with your veterinarian.Focus on a whole-foods based diet, which can help cut calories, and don’t overdo it on pet treats.Don’t use food as a reward or a way to show your dog or cat love.

Source: Does Your Pet Need to go on a Diet?

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