Creating a Pet Friendly Home

According to the 2013-2014 American Pet Products Association’s National Pet Survey, there are an estimated 78 million dogs and 86 million cats living in U.S. homes. Instead of banishing Fido and Fluffy to the yard or screened patio, many pet owners believe that you can have an attractive home and a pet too, by choosing the right pet products and home accessorizes to accommodate your animal’s needs but that don’t distract from your living space.

Pet Owner Challenge

Even though you love your animals, pet ownership comes with the unique challenge of keeping your home smelling fresh and clean. Whether you use their Bath-Ease (waterless shampoo & conditioner), Complete Coat (a topical to keep coat healthy and parasite free) their Complete Oral care sprays and gels and Odoz Off products, Petzlife products are made with all natural ingredients; 100 % safe for dogs and cats, vet recorded and for easy pet owner use. $8.99+ at

Dining in Style

Enhance your dog’s eating experience–as well as your home decor–with stylish dog bowls like these beauties from Hartman & Rose. These porcelain bowls, holding 1 1/2 to 2 cups of food or water, are dishwasher and microwave safe. $49.95 at

Comfy Spot

Pet beds provide your pets with a safe, comfortable place to sleep and rest, which is especially important for older pets. Aging pets need special accommodations to alleviate arthritis, pressure on joints and limbs, while others need relief from ulcers and hip dysplasia. The Paw Matt is an orthopedic bed for a therapeutic comfort; it’s continuous air flow through a multitude of interconnected cells enables equalizes pressure across your pet’s entire body, decreasing any single pressure point. The result is even dispersion of weight, creating a more comfortable sleep surface. Use the included pump to fill it about 3/4 full. Soft microsuede cover is removable and washable. Incontinent cover available too! The air cells can be washable with soap and water. Monogram optional for additional cost. $249.00+

Home Enhancement

Decorative pillows are a fairly inexpensive way to change the look and feel of almost any room in your home. Pillows offer an easy way to add little bits of color and texture to existing furniture; they’re also a great way to celebrate your doggy style. ILeesh dog pillows will either make great dog lover gifts or make a home a pet-friendly place. Available in 200 breeds, these poly throw pills have removable, machine washable covers. $29.95 at

Easier Clean Ups

Responsible dog owners follow the law by scooping the poop. They also make good neighbors and contribute to pet and pet owner health. Cadilon- a multifunctional solar light and bag dispenser that can be mounted on a fence, tree or even, staked in the ground makes for convenient clean-ups. The design accommodates standard, doggie bag waste roles and comes with mounting hardware. The solar LED light illuminates at night and adds a decorative touch to your yard or garden. $12.95 at

Fence Me In

Dogs are naturally curious and have a need to explore a yard and beyond. Disrepaired fencing or “set” fencing in a restricted communities may cause your dog or cat to escape your yard. To protect your pets have them wear Puppy Bumpers, made specifically designed to keep dogs in fences. These stuffed collars, easily attach to the dog’s existing collar, make them too fat to fit thru the rails on fences. Unlike dreaded cones and e-collars, they do not restrict the dog’s normal movements from eating or playing. Available in a variety of styles (Original, Holiday, Glow in the Dark, Rainy Day and Ultra). $24.50+ at

Function And Fashion

As family members, pets are part of our busy lifestyles these days and pet travel is par for the course. Pet owner should always be concerned transporting their dogs safety. But Pet Saver also makes it fashionable. PupSaver is a comfortable, easy-to-use car seat, designed to protect dogs that 30 lbs. and under, in the event of an automobile accident. Its unique, rear facing design, providing protection on impact, has been crashed tested by a world leader in occupant protection. $119.00. at

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