Consider adopting, not buying, a pet |

To the editor

If you are planning on buying a puppy this holiday season, please check out your local animal shelters or rescue groups.

There are 10,000 dogs being euthanized everyday across the country because there aren’t enough homes for them.

Many of the dogs are young and with their whole life in front of them. Some also are purebred, but all of them are good dogs that ended up at the shelter through no fault of their own. Stray dogs and owners that surrendered their dogs because of lack of training, moving, lifestyle changes, cost of ownership, allergies within the family, etc. All of them highly adoptable dogs and ready to become part of someone’s family.

Consider adopting this year. You could be saving the life of the animal you choose.

Douglas Fuller


Source: Consider adopting, not buying, a pet | The Gazette

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