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DAVENPORT, Iowa – An overcrowded Oklahoma shelter chose a puppy to be put down, but in a strange turn of events the medicine didn’t take.  When the veterinarians walked in the pup was still awake and now the dog is getting a second chance to find a new home. “He’s a miracle dog, absolutely,” Kylie […]

A common question this time of year is, “How cold is too cold for a dog?” The answer is a bit complicated, but thankfully, the good folks at Tufts University already developed a system for animal welfare officers to reference that we can utilize as a guide. The Tufts Animal Condition and Care (TACC) system […]

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Preve Getting a new pet for Christmas is exciting. Unfortunately, pet surrenders spike after this time of year as people drop off suddenly unwanted pets at local shelters and pounds. “April, May, June and July — that’s when the shelters start receiving these surrendered dogs because dogs start getting into their terrible twos at eight-month […]

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New law allows emergency responders to remove pets from hot, cold cars A state law that protects animals from hot and cold cars went into effect just as winter temperatures begin to dip. Act 104 of 2018 — formerly known as “the hot car bill” — allows public safety professionals to remove unattended animals from […]

December 24, 2018 — Columbia River Natural Pet Foods of Vancouver, WA, is expanding its recent recall to include additional dog and cat foods due to their potential to be contaminated with Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes. What’s Recalled? The following products are being recalled: Columbia River Cow Pie Food for Dogs and Cats Package Size: […]

With Christmas around the corner many stores across Western Montana are selling colorful festive dog treats. However, according to one dog expert, the dyed treats may be poisonous to pets. Red and green festive dog treats are common in big box stores, and while they look harmless for pets, the treats are difficult for dogs […]

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CAUTION — ONGOING SITUATION Last Updated December 7, 2018 December 7, 2018 — The FDA is alerting pet owners and veterinary professionals about recalls of several dry dog foods after receiving complaints that dogs eating the food experienced vitamin D toxicity. Testing found that samples of the affected foods contained as much as 70 times […]

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What’s Recalled? The following products are being recalled: Evolve Chicken & Rice Puppy Dry Dog Food Size: 14-pound bag UPC: 0-73657-00862-0 Evolve Chicken & Rice Puppy Dry Dog Food Size: 28-pound bag UPC: 0-73657-00863-7 Sportsman’s Pride Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food Size: 40-pound bag UPC: 0-70155-10566-0 Sportsman’s Pride Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food […]

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November 20, 2018 — Giant Food Stores and Martin’s Food Markets are voluntarily recalling certain lots of Nature’s Promise Dog Food because they may contain excessive amounts of Vitamin D, which may cause renal failure. No graphic was supplied with the official news wire. The following image was retrieved from the internet and is provided […]

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What’s Recalled? The recalled Orlando brand products include the following lot numbers manufactured between March 3, 2018 and May 15, 2018: TI1 3 Mar 2019 TB2 21 Mar 2019 TB3 21 Mar 2019 TA2 19 Apr 2019 TB1 15 May 2019 TB2 15 May 2019 Elevated Vitamin D Levels Dogs consuming elevated levels of Vitamin […]

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Nutrisca Dog Food Recall | November 2018 November 3, 2018 — Nutrisca, of Saint Louis, MO, is voluntarily recalling one formula of Nutrisca dry dog food because it contains elevated levels of vitamin D. Nutrisca did not include an image with its FDA news release. So, the following image has been copied from the company’s […]

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As Engadget points out, Tesla already has a feature installed that keeps their cars cool and animals safe. However, this isn’t always apparent to passersby who might be prone to breaking into cars to rescue pets or call the police, something that a ‘dog mode’ might prevent. Of course, this is only a tweet from […]

Yesterday this sweet little angel was brought into the shelter by one of our Humane Officers. I have to say, she’s the best puppy in the world. She’s around 3 months old and weighs in at about 18 lbs full of sweetness. Sad news, Elley is going to need her front right leg amputated. She […]

Who will feed Fifi once you’re gone? It’s something you should probably put in writing. There are three different ways to do that, some offering more protections than others. Pet obsession is nothing new, but social media has taken our love affair with animals to another level. Today, furry friends are considered more than just […]

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September 7, 2018 — Steve’s Real Food of Salt Lake City, Utah is voluntarily recalling limited quantities of its raw frozen dog and cat foods due to possible contamination with Salmonella and Listeria bacteria. Source: Steve’s Real Food Dog and Cat Food Recall | September 2018

If you own a pet and rent your home, you need renters insurance. Even the nicest pets can cause an expensive accident. Renters insurance protects your liability from pet accidents, and it’s very affordable. America loves pets. The Insurance Information Institute estimates that over 60 million American households own a dog. And nearly 75 million […]

The wildfires ravaging California are growing increasingly severe, with the Mendocino Complex fire recently becoming the state’s largest on record. But in a small story of hope, a pet chicken and a cat found solace in each other during one of the blazes last week — and were recently reunited with their owners’ families. “It really was an […]

No kidding! More than 100 rogue goats descend on Idaho neighborhood Residents in West Boise, Idaho, were surely dumbfounded Friday morning when they stepped outside their front doors to find dozens of hungry goats snacking through their yards. oe Parris, a reporter with local NBC affiliate KTVB, tweeted a series of photos from the scene, […]

Heat stroke in dogs can occur for a variety of reasons — and your four-legged friend is especially susceptible since he might be pushing himself or staying out in the heat to please you. Here’s how to recognize the symptoms of heat stroke in dogs and how to prevent it in the first place n […]

Meet Joey, a 6 year old Black lab. Joey is very outgoing and loving. He’s always up for an adventure, but would be just as happy with quick run then a night on the couch. He would love to find a home with his sister Daisy. If you have room for these two babies, please […]

A couple whose French bulldog was struggling to breathe on a Jetblue flight last week has credited a pair of flight attendants with saving the dog’s life. Steven and Michelle Burt were traveling from Orlando to Worcester, Massachusetts, on July 5 with their 3-year-old French bulldog, Darcy, when they noticed the dog was in distress. […]