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CPR might not be the first thing that comes to mind when pet owners think of caring for Fido or Fluffy, but it could save the life of man’s best friend.

Denise Fleck, a longtime animal care instructor and author, said there are a number of things pet owners can do to increase the lifespan of their cat or dog.

Fleck is an animal care instructor with the Los Angeles County Regional Occupational Program and she recently taught an animal first aid and CPR class in Redondo Beach. For those who missed it, Fleck has shared her tips for emergency pet care.

• Know where the closest 24-hour animal emergency center is, what they charge, what services they offer, and what forms of payment they accept.

• Take a pet first aid class and have a pet first aid kit at home. Knowing how to bring your pet’s body temperature down, for instance, can help the vet better care for your pet when you get to their office.

“Anything we can do to limit further injury is a good thing,” Fleck said.

Pet first aid kits should include hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting when cats or dogs ingest certain types of poison, gauze to stop bleeding and a thermometer to take your pet’s temperature under the tail. A temperature of 101 degrees Fahrenheit is normal for cats and dogs, but 104 is a red flag.

• Read your pet’s food labels. “If you know what goes into your pet, they’re more likely to be healthier,” Fleck said. A high-quality protein source should be the first ingredient listed.

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