30 cats and 95 dogs are Evacuated from our Sanctuary

30 cats and 40 dogs are coming from our Sanctuary tonight – some of whom have already arrived, and some who are traveling as we post, with Lynne and staff and volunteers, to Milo Point Richmond.
We are SO grateful to all those who have fostered, donated, and volunteered. And we still need more help. Fosters for our beautiful and sometimes challenging Sanctuary dogs (and cats), volunteers at Milo Point Richmond and the Sanctuary, and your financial support – incredible it is! – and we can use your continued kindness and generosity. Please continue to support as you can: https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/MiloFoundation
And please understand, we are responding to your help, your calls and emails, as best we can but we are quite overwhelmed, so thank you for being patient! To that point, if you can come to Milo Point Richmond and answer phones/help people 10am to 6pm every day going forward, this is a huge help. Drop a note or come by. Thank you all.
PS It’s really quite amazing… Some of our Sanctuary dogs, the kinds of guys and girls who need space, who need that special someone, who are best in the country, and many of whom were here at Milo Point Richmond before, are back. And seeing their old friends, staff and volunteers. And notwithstanding the very difficult reality of why they are here, we here are glad to see our old friends, it is a special reunion of old friends. Everyone counts. Especially each of them, and especially you and what you can do. Do what you can and we will do our best to help you do that. We are so grateful for your support.

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