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As Americans take caution through this year’s deadly flu season, there’s one family member that should not be forgotten: the dog. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports widespread human flu activity in 49 U.S. states, Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine has reported an uptick in cases of the canine influenza virus […]

A DOG travelled 113 miles on a train and even managed to change stations by itself as an appeal has been launched to find his owners. The Doberman was taken in after he was found wandering around Birmingham New Street station on his own. Believing he was a stray, the volunteers took him on a […]

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Many times during hurricanes and floods, pets lost in the chaos end up in Florida’s already overcrowded shelter. Now a new proposed law wants to make sure those lost animals stay safe. House democrat leader Janet Cruz says trips to Puerto Rico inspired House Bill 823. “I saw what could happen in times of true […]

It’s hard to find love. That’s true whether you’re a human, or a shelter dog. So like other lonely hearts of this era, Henry the hound is on Tinder. And he’s got some good opening lines (deployed, of course, via a human assistant): “Hello hooooouuuuuman! My name is Henry, but you can call me ‘good […]

Despite appearances, those rubbery reptiles lounging lifelessly around southern Florida are probably not dead. They’re just stunned from the cold. Green iguanas have been falling from trees recently, their frozen bodies immobilized by temperatures that plunged profoundly for the region. Like all reptiles, iguanas are coldblooded animals that become immobile once the weather dips below […]

A dog was reunited with its owner in the Poconos after someone took the pup from outside of the grocery store where his owner was shopping last week. The woman who took the dog thought he was left behind in the cold and wanted to help. Officials are now offering tips to people who see […]