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  One of the largest bell pepper producers of North America almost went out of business last year after it came under fire from a dangerous little pest called the pepper weevil. The insect, which caused over $75 million in damages to Nature Fresh Farms, could not be seen by humans and it only reproduced […]

YOUNG DEATH CAP MUSHROOMS HAVE A YELLOW-GREEN HUE (IMAGE VIA WIKICOMMONS Nothing beats a walk in the woods with your dog, watching them romp back and forth on the trail and sniff at all of nature’s delights. But like fairy tales taught us, the woods can house darkness and danger. If you live near oak […]

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Swedish researchers found that people with furry friends, especially the unmarried, have fewer heart problems than those who don’t. Having a dog can bring a lot of love into your life. It could also make it last a little longer. A group of academics from Uppsala University in Sweden analyzed the health records of 3.4 […]

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Cats with diabetes, dogs with cancer, birds with high cholesterol or even rabbits who cannot turn around to clean themselves — what do these animals all have in common? They are either overweight or obese, and it’s serious. “We have a problem — almost all of American pets are overweight or obese,” explained veterinarian Dr. […]

Zack Dog Pets On Board

A big change is coming to an animal shelter in Lackawanna County.Griffin Pond Animal Shelter announced Thursday it will no longer euthanize animals to create space for other pets or because of temperament issues.The news comes after allegations that a dog was improperly euthanized over the summer. Those claims have led to a shakeup at the […]

A Russian man is being hailed as a hero after he managed to catch a falling cat who had been dangling from a cable strung across a two-story building. Earlier this month, a woman named Natalia Kompan captured footage of the distressed feline struggling to cling to the wire above their heads. Another man can […]

Henry the hippopotamus has died after months of declining health. We are all heartbroken. Henry is best known as dad to Fiona, the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden’s famous hippo baby, who was born prematurely in January. We’re very sad to announce that our beloved Henry has died. Read more: — Cincinnati Zoo […]

Wrapped inside a trash bag and left for dead inside a dumpster, with her bound legs raw and rotting away by the wires still wrapped around them, Chi Chi the golden retriever clung to life. Thanks to two sets of rescuers — the animal workers who found her in South Korea and the Arizona family […]