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On Tuesday night, there should be some strange creatures knocking at your door, demanding something from you. No, this time it isn’t hopeful politicians begging for your support, but Halloween trick-or-treaters.For our pets, it probably won’t make any difference — they might be upset by either of them.Halloween can be a scary time for pets. […]

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In a blow to commercial animal breeders and brokers, California pet stores will soon have to get their puppies, kittens and rabbits from shelters and rescue centers only. Individuals can still buy from private breeders. But beginning in January 2019, it will be illegal for stores to do so. Violators will face a fine of […]

30 cats and 40 dogs are coming from our Sanctuary tonight – some of whom have already arrived, and some who are traveling as we post, with Lynne and staff and volunteers, to Milo Point Richmond. We are SO grateful to all those who have fostered, donated, and volunteered. And we still need more help. […]

For many scarred by seeing the carnage inflicted in the Las Vegas mass shooting, a little comfort came courtesy of man’s best friend. Nineteen trained golden retrievers from across the country padded their way to Las Vegas this week courtesy of Lutheran Church Charities to provide comfort for those affected by the attack, which left […]

KD the dog doesn’t like it when her favorite people go too long without petting and snuggling her. “She usually nudges our hand or gives us a sweet kiss on the face to remind us she is there,” her adoptive mom, Reagan Henderson, told TODAY. “All she wants to do is love on people and […]