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Apollo the pit bull may be a big ol’ sweetheart, but it took a long time for anyone to recognize it.For six months, the pup languished in an animal shelter without ever finding a forever home. Deemed “too energetic” to be adopted, he was eventually handed the death sentence. One desperate shelter worker wasn’t about […]

A news broadcast in Russia was interrupted recently in the cutest way possible.  A dog had made his way into the studio and onto the set without anyone noticing he was there.  He eventually made his way under a desk where a news reader was filming live and let out a loud bark.  The video […]

You know this time of year as spring. For folks who work with animals, it’s kitten season. And these kittens need your help.Kitten season is in some ways as delightful as it sounds — when the world is full of newborn cats. Unfortunately, it’s also when shelters become full of kittens and cats, which puts […]

As the niche world of pet photography continues to expand, we continue to be captivated.This most recent masterpiece isn’t a newborn shoot or a gender reveal. It’s a celebration of an adorable rescue pup getting a new start.According to ABC News, Owen the puppy was abandoned in a discarded fridge with his six siblings and […]

There’s more to these mini pigs than their extensive wardrobe and their popular Instagram account.Priscilla and Poppleton — or Prissy and Pop for short — also attend first grade at the Bolles School in Jacksonville, Florida. The pigs have been going to school with their owner, teacher Melissa Nicholson, for nearly four years. The kids […]

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Going on vacation with your best furry friend should be a fun experience. However, getting to your destination can be quite an adventure, especially if your preferred method of travel is by plane.Of course, you want to ensure that Fido or Felix is safe and comfortable, but not all airlines make the journey easy. Also, […] DIY Blog Over two million pets and other live animals are transported by air every year in the United States. If you fly on commercial flights regularly, chances are that you’ve seen a service dog at a traveler’s feet or a pet in a dog kennel under a seat. If you are considering flying […]

Charlie the dog is 23 years old. He is said to be one of the oldest living dogs in the United Kingdom.His adopted dad, 64-year-old Stuart Smith, says the secret to his dog’s long life is being completely and utterly adored.”He is definitely a spoilt lad and that’s probably why he’s managed to live so […]

Kathie Lee and Hoda share photos of a Great Dane who’s just been named the biggest dog in England. Balthazar weighs more than 210 pounds and is 7 feet from nose to tail. His owners were shocked at how big their 5-year-old pooch has become! Source: Meet Balthazar, the biggest dog in England: He weighs […]