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A dog in Argentina that was being swept away by river rapids got a helping paw from a canine buddy to save the day.In a video posted by a man named Rafael Franciulli, a black Labrador chasing a stick gets pulled backward by a powerful current and looks to be headed for trouble until his […]

When stay-at-home mom Brandi Guillet, 42, first laid eyes on Ellie the dog, she knew she had found the perfect pet companion for her 6-year-old son. Connor is non-verbal and on the autism spectrum. Boxer breed Ellie, age 3, is deaf and has been trained to respond to sign language.While words and commands aren’t part […]

What was supposed to be a quick dash to get some firewood turned into a 20-hour, near-death ordeal after a man fell in the snow and broke his neck outside his northern Michigan home.The 64-year-old man was saved in part by his dog, Kelsey, who kept his owner warm and alert by lying on his […]

Some animal advocates say don’t give pets as gifts, but research shows it’s not a bad idea.Oh, the joy of the holidays, with the possibility of a squirming puppy or fluffy kitten waiting under the Christmas tree. But what happens when house training gets frustrating or an eager child gets bored with his new furry […]

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Faline entered the Mcgaughey residence on the morning of Dec. 19, ate three cookies and then left to wander around outside. By that afternoon, she had been fatally, and purposely, shot by local authorities while her caretakers watched. Faline was a mule deer. But was she a pet, a wild animal — or something in between? That question is […]

Each year during the holidays puppies and kittens are purchased as gifts for children, but what happens after the excitement wears off?Statistics show that more than half of the pets given as gifts end up being returned.As the reality of owning a pet is unsettling after finding out there’s more to owning a pet.Every morning […]