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Samo isn’t buying it.After walking by his local pet store, this pup named Samo plopped himself right in front of the store’s door and refused to budge. Unfortunately, it was 11 p.m. and the store was clearly closed, but Samo’s canine nose was telling him there were delicious treats and fun toys inside. Let’s all hope […]

Are your beloved pets really “refugees?” According to a pair of New Jersey law professors, you’re violating your animals’ rights by even calling them “pets” in the first place.Despite living with six rescue dogs, Rutgers University professors Gary Francione and Anna Charlton think of their companions more like “non-human refugees” that share their home. In […]

Pet Safe Keeping, a new program launched Tuesday, means victims of domestic violence can leave an abusive situation without leaving their pets behind. Help is now available for the pets of domestic violence victims in the Corner Brook area. “Pet Safe Keeping”, a new program launched Tuesday, means domestic violence victims can now find temporary […]

\Young Americans are less likely to be homeowners, car owners or parents than their predecessors, but they do lead in one category: Pets. Three-fourths of Americans in their 30s have dogs, while 51 percent have cats, according to a survey released by research firm Mintel. That compares to 50 percent of the overall population with dogs, and […]

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. My Lab, Sanchez, is 13-years-old. I still sometimes have a hard time identifying the difference between a behavior problem and a physical ailment. Our dogs are so adaptable and want to please us so much, it’s sometimes challenging to detect their pain. These often subtle signs will help you determine […]

  Your dog makes all sorts of noises, and a lot of them probably sound like human coughs. In fact, a flu-afflicted person is often described as having a “barking” cough. But dogs can actually cough too, often sounding like you do when you’re congested and have a cold, or as though they are sneezing […]

We’re pretty sure that WBZ sports journalist Steve Burton is saying “See ya later, gator!” in a whole new light these days.Last week, Burton hosted his “Sports Final” segment by bringing on wild animals (no, we’re not sure why either). And while he handled other scary beasts, including a tarantula, scorpion and boa constrictor just […]

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A dog was found alive underneath rubble in Amatrice, Italy, nine days after the deadly earthquake struck the central part of the country. Searches returned to the house with the owners when they heard barking. The dog appeared to be in good shape. Source: Dog pulled from rubble 9 days after Italy earthquake –