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Labor Day symbolizes the end of summer for you and your pet. Time to start planning your weekend getaway — whether it be to the beach, the mountains, or somewhere in between. Before you hit the road, it’s important to plan ahead for pet travel and always keep the best interests of your furry sidekick in […]

Your pet loves to ride in the car.It’s become a lot easier to just put your fur-baby Bentley in the car since more hotels, restaurants and destinations are offering more pet-friendly options.Nearly 73 percent of pet owners enjoy bringing their furry companions for a car ride. It may not be as safe as you think. […]

A Cincinnati family was thinking the worst when their dog went missing for a week.So imagine their horror — and joy — when they found he had been stuck in a drainage pipe the whole time, frightened, hungry and whimpering.Edgar, a 4-year-old black retriever mix, is now in good health, but his tale can serve […]

Zack Dog Pets On Board

With boating season in high gear, it’s a good time for a little refresher on pet-friendly boating to ensure your little one is safe.Before hitting the high seas with your pet, it’s important to plan ahead and always keep the best interests of your four-legged friend in mind. Boating with your pet can be a […]

Zack Dog Pets On Board

Consider this your annual reminder: Don’t dump your pet goldfish into a lake. Invasive species are, generally speaking, not so great. When an organism moves into a territory where it lacks natural predators, it can interrupt the entire ecosystem by scarfing down local resources and killing important species. But some invasive species start out as […]

Pets can take a bite out of your budget, but location plays a key role in determining just how expensive it is to take in a four-footed friend. Pets can take a bite out of your budget, but your location plays a key role in determining just how expensive — or inexpensive — it is […]

David Kareken and his family didn’t have much of a reason to be wary of water — even when huge rapids were involved. After all, he and his wife met as raft guides and kayak instructors in North Carolina, and they take their son, Zachary, on regular back-country camping trips. But on their most recent […]

Thunderstorms can strike fear in the heart of even the most normally laidback dog or cat. And what many pet parents don’t realize is it’s not just the loud clap of thunder that generates a fear response in phobic pets. Lightning, wind, rain, dark skies, changes in barometric pressure, and even odors can trigger a […]

t’s hard to watch our pets age and a trip to the vet can be stressful. Now, there’s a new option to help pets live out their final years in comfort. Bella isn’t getting around quite like she used to The 13-year-old. 58-pound pit bull has been part of the Lynch family since she was 13-weeks-old. But, […]