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Thousands of animal are now in forever homes thanks to NBCUniversal’s Second Annual Clear the Shelters adoption campaign. Due to the work of over 40 local NBC and Telemundo stations, hundreds of shelters nationwide and thousands of adopters, over 20,000 pets were placed through Clear the Shelters’ adoption event on July 23. Combine this number with the all […]

He loves snuggling with kittens. He loves cuddling with toddlers. He loves having his belly rubbed by middle school kids. The 11-year-old dog is so docile and affectionate with everyone he meets that it’s baffling to contemplate how his life began.BarkPostRescued dog Cherry Garcia relishes the time he gets to spend with the family who […]

Many things were getting in the way of one adorable sheepdog’s efforts to climb into a chair, not the least of which was just being too darn fluffy.Rocco, a 1-year-old sheepdog, was caught struggling to figure out how a chair works as he attempted to tackle the situation from the backside of the seat instead […]

Pet safety tips:• Keep pets indoors.• Provide pets access to cool water at all times, whether indoors or out.• Never chain your pet; if they get tangled up, it will be difficult for them to access shade or water.• Do not exercise your pet during the sweltering afternoon heat (hot pavement will burn a dog’s paws). If you are planning to walk your […]

When Robert Kugler’s dog was diagnosed with cancer, he was given two options: amputate her leg or put her down. That is, until Kugler came up with a third option.Even though Kugler’s canine companion of nine years, Bella, was only given three to six months to live, he made the tough call of having doctors […]

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Any pet owner who’s imbued their furry or feathered friends with deep thoughts and mysterious intentions will relate to the imagination behind “The Secret Life of Pets.” It may not have the emotional resonance of a Pixar movie, but with its playful premise, endearing performances and outstanding score by Alexandre Desplat, “Pets” is fun, family […]