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July Fourth Fireworks: Awesome for Humans, Terrifying for PetsTips for keeping your dogs, cats and other pets safe and happy during summer celebrationsLoud noises can terrify pets, so don’t include them when celebrations will include fireworks. The HSUS.Many people enjoy the booming sounds and flashing lights of fireworks, but they can be terrifying and overwhelming […]

In a YouTube video posted by the International Rhino Foundation, a Sumatran rhino and rhino calf are seen rolling about and enjoying some cool mud.The calf was born in May and belongs to one of the five remaining species of rhinos, according to the foundation.We love this little one!But as the little calf splashes in […]

In a video posted by YouTube user Maymo, two adorable baby goats are having a blast jumping (or trying to jump) on a velvet green couch. The video of what may be the world’s cutest fail has collected more than 1,300 views since it was posted Friday morning.RELATED: Black rhino charges jeep at Kruger National […]

When Marc Richardson of the North Yorkshire Police returned from leave to pick up dogs Dutch and Bailey, the two leapt for joy — literally. Forget “man’s best friend.” This one’s more like “man’s absolute best-est friend forever and ever.” When Marc Richardson of the North Yorkshire Police in England came back from leave after […]

NBC anchor ‘apologizes’ to dog he found crying in a hot car Jun. 13, 2016 at 5:55 PMScott StumpTODAYadvertisementSponsored Links From the WebThis Service in Scranton is Changing the Way People Cook at HomeHelloFreshThe Open Source “”Code”” That Saved the WorldMicrosoft  by Taboola More from TODAY.comMan breaks car window to rescue dog trapped in sweltering heatThe dangers of […]

You’ve got to do something to celebrate the 1-month birthday of a baby elephant, right?So why not stick with a tried-and-true party theme? Say, the classic baby shower?That must have been the thinking behind this elephant soiree hosted by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore. The fact that baby showers normally happen before said baby’s birth is […]

He strikes when no one is around and there are adorable dogs to be hugged.The hugging bandit was first spotted when Louisiana mom Hollie Mallet was looking at footage from the surveillance camera in her family’s garage. She saw a young boy sprint from his bike into their home for a drive-by hugging of their […]

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but sometimes, man has to return the favor.When Sunny’s left paw had to be amputated because of a tumor, the dog was given a prosthetic one in its place. But the golden retriever proved too big (and cunning) for his new limb, which kept breaking.So Don Chernoff, his owner, […]

“Ideally, pets should be groomed every four to six weeks. The hair follicle releases the hair about every 21 days, and so in order to prevent matting and excessive undercoat, four to six weeks is a good amount of time,” groomer Teresa Black explained.More News HeadlinesPet dangers in backyards across HoustonNew food truck caters to […]