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This German shepherd may look a bit squashed, but he’s full of life and looking for a forever home. There’s a dog out there who might, on first glance, seem like he’s shrinking away from the world. But look again: Quasimodo is actually a purebred, 5-year-old German shepherd who happens to have an extremely rare […]

When those puppy dog eyes are staring at you from under the table, it’s hard not to succumb to your pet’s wishes and sneak them some leftovers.But you could be doing them more harm than good, according to vet Barbara Royal.She shared her experiences on , listing all the foods she has seen cause […]

That’s it. That’s it. The world’s gone mad. If this raccoon dog isn’t a sure sign of the apocalypse, we don’t what is.OK, so let’s just get all the facts up front. Tanu is, it turns out, definitely a “Japanese raccoon dog,” also known as a “tanuki.”RELATED: Meet Pumpkin, the rescued raccoon who thinks she’s […]

Tian Tian the panda enjoys snow day at Washington DC’s National Zoo Footage posted to the National Zoo’s Facebook page shows Tian Tian rolling around in the snow like a kid on Christmas morning (though in truth the giant panda is 18 years old). Pandas, who naturally populate the mountains of central China, are biologically […]

The Ache: Ice-melt crystals, ubiquitous in winter, can be toxic if ingested by pets and can cause severe irritation to paws.The Claim: A growing number of ice-melt products are labeled as safer for pets.The Verdict: Ice-melt products labeled as pet safe vary widely, and some contain at least some ingredients that aren’t actually safe for […]

Here’s some tips for local pet owners to help keeping pets safe:The most important thing pet owners should do is to bring their pets indoors, if conditions are unsafe for humans, they are also unsafe for pets.Always bring pets, indoors, including outdoor cats, at the first sign or warning of a storm. A snow storm […]

Simple tips from the humane society and Banfield Pet Hospital ensure pets stay safe and warm during the cold winter months.The first recommendation from the humane society and Banfield Pet Hospital is to keep animals inside. If you do take a short haired dog for a walk outside, consider a sweater. Remember pets are at […]

Pet owners are worried about a dangerous strain of dog flu spreading through western states. Health officials in the Seattle area say tests confirmed this week that the virus was found in dogs who stayed at a local kennel and doggie daycare facility. The kennel owner reported that 80 to 90 dogs there developed respiratory illness since […]

Lost pets are more likely to be returned home if they are microchipped. (Photo: Jaromir Chalabala/Shutterstock) Yes, it can help a lost pet find its way home. But your pet’s microchip may not be everything that you think it is. And if you’re not using it correctly, it might even make it harder for someone […]

As the temperatures drop, don’t forget that if it is too cold for you to be outside then it is too cold for your pets to be outside.Animals should remain indoors as much as possible during the winter months to protect them from the harsh and bitterly cold elements. If your animals must stay outdoors, […]

A change, they say, will do you good. But without proper preparation, the same might not be true for the four-legged members of your family. Each year, about five to seven million pets nationwide are relinquished to shelters, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). In many cases, this decision is […]

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PetcubeThe Petcube is an interactive WiFi pet camera with a wide angle lens that streams securely in impressive 720p HD video. A free app also allows users to control a laser pointer by dragging a finger around the screen.That said, the app is more than just a fun way for Petcube owners to play with […]

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It’s one of the most alarming phone calls a pet owner can receive: “Hello? I’ve found a dog. His tag says ‘Thornton’ on it, and it has this phone number.” That was the call I received last month while I was in Oklahoma, visiting my parents.My husband was recovering from surgery and had a cold, […]

The saying “love me, love my dog” may have some basis in reality: A new study suggests that pets can influence how we perceive potential dates.That’s why Saturday’s Weird Animal Question of the Week is taking the author’s prerogative to ask: “Could your pet decide your future mate?”Pets “add some twists and turns to our love lives,” says study co-author Justin Garcia, an evolutionary […]

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When pet owners are faced with the difficult decision of knowing it’s time for euthanasia, most head to their veterinarian’s office. But a local veterinarian wants you to know there is another, less stressful, option.Katy Nelson, AKA Dr. Paws, tells WTOP that a mobile, or house-call, veterinarian’s best advantage and “greatest privilege” is being present […]

A major win for animal rescue lovers who say pet stores need to be stopped. Pet stores in Phoenix, Arizona have to change the way they do business.It’s now mandatory for them to only sell rescues, and other cities around the country are following the trend, saying they want to crack down on bad breeders […]

Many pet owners enjoying taking their dog or cat for a ride in the car, but experts say that when you do, you should keep your pet restrained — for your own good as well as theirs.share linkMost safety restraints for pets in cars fail crash testsPLAY VIDEOMORE VIDEO Smartphone privacy, germs on cruises: Revisiting […]

This year, why not resolve to do something for yourself and the family pet. The arrival of the new year creates an urge to self improve. Whether it’s losing weight, quitting smoking or increasing exercise, we tend to focus our resolutions on ourselves. This year, why not resolve to do something for yourself and the familypet. […]