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Animal shelter offers pet safety tips on on New Year’s EveNew Year’s Eve is a time for celebration, but sometimes the party can be too much for pets. Many pets become scared or anxious at the sound of fireworks and try to run away.The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter sees a greater number of lost […]

Cats and dogs don’t usually know what things make them sick, so their curious nature occasionally gets the best of them. To keep your pets safe, avoid having any of these common plants around your home.This visual guide, from Pots Planters and More, provides information from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to […]

Adopting a pet from a shelter ranks as one of the top impulse buys of the year and should be avoided during the Christmas season, according to experts.Folks who care for stray and abandoned pets at area shelters and pet foster homes agree that bringing home a pet shouldn’t be a surprise and should be […]

Accidents and emergencies in the home can happen at anytime.Medicine cabinets are often stocked full of bandages and pain relievers, thermometers and cold medicine.But when the furry family members have an emergency, some pet owners are not as prepared.Dr. Rebecca Wingfield, DVM, a veterinarian at the Nemacolin Wooflands Pet Care Center, says that dog and […]

(Image: Petcube) It’s clear that that we love our dogs, cats, birds, and fish. In the US, the American Pet Products Association expects that $60.59 billion will be spent on pets in 2015 — although we remain more generous to our species. According to the National Philanthropic Trust, Americans donated $358.38 billion to human charitable causes in 2014. But that doesn’t […]

A pet will fill your home with love, but it will also fill your home with fur, odors and lots of mess.A recent study by North Carolina State University researchers found that homes with dogs have more bacteria and more types of bacteria in them than homes without dogs, with the pillowcases and TV screens […]

A Columbus woman blames a popular dog bone for her dog’s agonizing death. And she found out people across the country say it happened to their dogs too.Tami Lengyel says she gave her dog Louie a “Dynamic Pet Real Ham Bone” as a treat for his 8th birthday. But then later that night, Louie started […]

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“My older dog…she is beautiful and smart…but over the last several months…she has stopped being social, she spends most of her day in a closet. She has stopped listening to her training such as sit, stay, come, she refuses things she always ate in favor of new things. She doesn’t want to play anymore. She […]

Writer and TV personality Dave Holmes penned a moving Esquire essay about the life and death of his dog, Junior.Published just hours after his dog, Junior, passed away Monday, “I Said Goodbye to My Best Friend Last Night” chronicles the joyful, hilarious and devastating times Holmes and his longtime boyfriend, Ben Wise, shared with the […]

My precious red heeler, Red, recently tore his ACL and needed surgery. (You can see Red recuperating at left.) Fortunately, we were able to get him the care he needed, but I was in shock when my husband called to tell me that the estimated veterinary bill was $1,016!According to the American Pet Products Association, […]

So, you want a dog for Christmas? Well, so do millions of other families: Puppies simply bring so much warmth and delight into a home that it’s hard to imagine life without them once you’ve got one.But in a season when people’s hearts may turn to adding that little furball to your own family (sometimes […]

19 gift ideas that will give the dog lovers in your life a terr-woof-ic holiday Dec. 4, 2015 at 3:13 PMJordan MutoTODAYAdChoices | advertisementSponsored Links From the WebWhat You Can Find About Your Date Online May Be LifechangingBeenVerified Subscription21 Pics of Babies With Kittens That Will Fill Your Heart With JoyShare The Buzz  by Taboola More from TODAY.comHow […]

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To the editor If you are planning on buying a puppy this holiday season, please check out your local animal shelters or rescue groups. There are 10,000 dogs being euthanized everyday across the country because there aren’t enough homes for them. Many of the dogs are young and with their whole life in front of […]

While many Americans will be busy traveling, working and shopping this holiday season, it is easy to forget about man’s best friend. Pets are important members of our families, and we need to keep them protected during the holidays.Find the best deals for the holidaysWhether traveling or staying home for the holidays, here are some […]

SLOBODAN VASIC If you have a pet you consider part of the family, then you will want to include them in your holiday celebrations. Don’t forget something for the pets this holiday season. If you have a pet you consider part of the family, then you will want to include them in your holiday celebrations. […]

Meet Willie, a 3-year-old horse who lives on a 20-acre farm in western Tennessee.But Willie is a horse like no other: Now that his owners are fixing to move closer to the city, they’ve put him in charge of selling the homestead — complete with an email address so prospective buyers can reach out!Willie (left) […]

Fewer people felt a relationship would work out with a cat person. The cat does not care. (Stocksy)Men who use their dogs to pick up women might be on to something: New research has found that having a pet makes a person more attractive to the opposite sex.For the study, researchers from the University of […]