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As you might already know, I’m a big believer in regular veterinary exams for pets. I recently wrote about some of the “invisible” health issues that can affect pets well before the problem becomes evident. Many of you wrote in to share your stories with these conditions, and I know from personal experience with my clients that it’s […]

Here’s why you need to read the fine printWe all love our pets, but sometimes vet bills can seem overwhelming, especially if your furry friend develops a serious health problem or sustains an injury.As pets live longer and have access to more life-saving—and expensive—treatments, you might be considering health insurance, which many providers now offer. […]

  Nutrition is an important element of your pet’s health. But when it comes to feeding your dog or cat, choosing the best diet can be difficult. Your veterinarian can suggest appropriate options for your pet’s specific nutritional needs, but in the meantime, here are answers to some common pet food questions. What is the best […]

Pet selfies, one-on-one video chats with your dog, livestream lost pet tracking and remote treats are all within the realm of possibility with the pet-related tech now available.If you’ve ever been sitting at your desk and wanted to check in to find out what your dog does all day long, now you can find out […]

Hairless guinea pigs are called “skinny pigs.” (Photo: Eric Isselee/Shutterstock)Guinea pigs have been a favored pet for a while. There’s even a National Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig month to help find homes for guinea pigs so people will avoid buying the from a store. And yes, there are even Internet-famous guinea pigs.PHOTOS TO LOVE: […]

If your beloved pet is snuggling with you while you read this, you might want to distract them away from the screen. Our furry friends tend to be, well, a bit less enthusiastic about their Halloween costumes than we are.And this is shaping up to be a very big year for pet costumes: Everything from […]

A Denver dog owner is hoping to solve a problem pet owners hope they never have to face: finding a lost dog.Pet Tag Plus is a new high-tech pet tag designed to help dog owners keep tabs on their pet. It is worn around the collar, and uses crowd-sourced GPS and iBeacon technology to figure […]

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If I had a big huge red pen and could permanently strike five words from the Standard Veterinary Dialogue, it would be this: “You’ll know when it’s time.”Waiting for The LookWouldn’t that be great, if pets had a little button that popped up like a Butterball turkey when they were ready to be euthanized? It […]

Harley the dog is almost impossibly small. He’s missing an eye, his legs are deformed and his tongue sticks out of his mouth because most of his teeth had to be removed. But Harley is more than a survivor — he’s a hero.The tiny Chihuahua received a huge standing ovation Saturday night at a black-tie […]

Question: What are the consequences for leaving a pet in an unattended car? What can witnesses do to help the animal?Answer: Every situation is different. If you are concerned about an unattended pet in a vehicle, you can call 911 and the responding officer will make an assessment.It’s against state law for an animal to be […]

National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale has been Instagramming the cuddly bears while on assignment in China, and we can’t get enough. Source: National Geographic photographer documents teeny-tiny baby pandas –

Anyone who’s ever owned a dog knows that sometimes, they double as vacuum cleaners. Whether it’s a defiant toddler or a careless cook, food sometimes ends up on the floor, and most dogs (and cats!) are more than happy to be of service.But while those scraps might seem innocuous, pet owners should know there are […]

If you have a pet, and you spend a significant amount of money on it, know that you’re certainly not alone. Pet spending is easily at an all-time high — Americans will spend more than $60 billion on their pets just this year alone. Thanks to a report from The American Pet Products Association, a […]

In human years, Bretagne is more than 100 years old — but she acted like an exuberant puppy at an epic Sweet 16 birthday bash thrown in her honor in New York City.Bretagne (pronounced “Brittany”) is the last known surviving search dog who worked at Ground Zero after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. This […]

With the end of Labor Day Weekend, summer has unofficially ended — but try telling that to the sun. Areas throughout the nation are experiencing a September heat wave that led some Connecticut schools to close early because of the record-breaking heat. With kids heading home early because of the extra-hot weather, what about pets? There are […]

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Bill Hodgins once got a traffic ticket after stopping in the middle of a Washington state highway because his cat was crying. When he went to reposition her, she jumped out of the window. The 95-year-old finished driving to Canada, picked up his niece and then returned to search for his cat until he found her.Hodgins […]

You can use wearables with GPS to keep track of wandering dogs. Others help you track animals’ physical activity.Now, two companies have the latest in wearable pet technology: collars that can check for a fever, monitor pulse and respiration, and even indicate if your pet is in pain.PetPace, based in Burlington, Massachusetts, has a medical […]

“Woof!” That’s the sound of your dog dressed up as a ghost. Because yes, our pets love Halloween, too, according to Pinterest. The social platform reports that users started pinning Halloween inspiration in early July, and since then, there’s been a 260 percent increase in costume pins. Interestingly, the data also shows that humans are taking a backseat to […]