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Dog fighting is animal cruelty almost by definition, although some still dare to call it a “sport.” Many of us have seen the mutilated faces and scarred bodies of survivors that have been rescued by national organizations and by local shelters and rescue groups.  When the former fighters wag their tails as we pet them, […]

When a Maryland man went to local police on Wednesday, he was just hoping to get his lost pet back.Instead, animal control officers killed his pet, and the man is facing possible arrest.His pet, you see, was this rather terrifying-looking coyote. And keeping a coyote as a pet, even one with a collar like this […]

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If Tropical Storm Erika, or any storm for that matter, forces evacuations in your area, you want to make sure you take your pets along.Some people may think that shelters aren’t a place for animals, but the City of Jacksonville says four-legged family members are welcome.”We take very serious the threat and I am just […]

More and more couples getting divorced are battling over their pets. One woman in Charlottesville spent years in mediation working out a deal on how to split time with their little beagle mix.According to a survey, 22 percent of attorneys say they’re seeing more courts allow pet custody cases and 20 percent say more courts […]

Most dogs love nothing more than when their owner gives them a bite of food from their plate. For us as owners, it sometimes takes quite a bit of self-control not to do so. And really, most of the food we eat ourselves will be just as delicious and nutritious for your four-legged friend.Unfortunately, there […]

Dog owners across the country are voicing their concerns about what they’ve found in bags of Pedigree dry dog food.Thousands of people have posted their concerns on social media and said Pedigree’s dog food should be recalled because it’s making their pets sick, or even worse, their dogs have died after eating the food.Pedigree issued the following […]

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This role comes into play when a pet’s behavior problems go beyond undesirable or unruly behaviors. For some unwanted behaviors such as pulling on the leash, jumping on people, or counter surfing, positive reinforcement training with a qualified or credentialed trainer will help the dog learn to choose and perform more acceptable behaviors.The pets that I work with […]

Oldest living cat at age 26 years 13 days. Born August 1, 1989, the feisty feline has lived with owner Ashley Reed Okura of Sisters, Oregon since she was just seven years old and he was a tiny kitten!Guinness announced the news Thursday, when Corduroy was 26 years and 13 days old. Born August 1, […]

‘Dog Years’ shows portraits of aging pets that tell special story of human bond 14 hours agoJordan MutoTODAYAdChoices | advertisementadvertisementadvertisementadvertisementadvertisementadvertisementadvertisementThey say a dog is man’s best friend. And in many ways this is actually quite true: They are the ones that are there through the thick and thin. They see you through graduations, job promotions, […]

t looks like some of the UK’s most popular baby names are also being used for the four-legged members of our families.Hot-on-the-heels of our story this morning which showed what names we are giving the babies of Britain, Mirror Online can reveal what people are calling their pets.Using data from insurer Petplan’s database, it can […]

Most people can’t imagine what it would be like to live in Africa, let alone interact with exotic animals every day.UW Madison student and zoology major Austin Ronan did just that during his semester abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. The culture shock, he said, was enormous.“It’s such a different lifestyle. Life is much more […]

Over the last 20 years, the role of pets in our lives has changed dramatically. They are no longer “just pets,” they are considered family members. Science has proven animals have thoughts and emotions and feel pain similar to the way we do. Our pets come in all shapes, sizes and species. Miley Cyrus recently […]

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Here kitty kitty! Cats, they’ve got minds of their own. They roam around like they’re on a mission, and often find themselves getting into mysterious places, searching for what seems like hidden treasures. But perhaps all they’re really looking for is a little mouse — think “Tom and Jerry” and their ongoing chase.Benjamin Millam / […]

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DEAR DOCTOR K: My beloved dog passed away a few months ago after years of loving companionship. My friends think I should be over his death by now. Are they right?DEAR READER: There’s a reason dogs are called man’s (and woman’s) best friend: They offer unparalleled companionship and unconditional love. Especially unconditional love. That love […]

s your pet outgoing or antisocial? Clean or slovenly?If you share your home with an adorable, lovable pet, then you are well aware that your pet has his or her own distinctive personality. It is said that animals can be unpredictable (and for that matter, so are humans) but if you pay attention, there are […]

t’s unfortunate for pet owners everywhere, but we all know that hamsters don’t smile. Like many other animals, these adorable rodent’s aren’t wired to think that bearing one’s teeth is a sign of pleasure or affection. So how can you know if your little fuzz ball is happy? Scientists think they have the answer.SHARE THIS […]