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Protecting Your Pets Over The Holidays NEW HAVEN , Conn. (WTNH) – In planning for this season’s holiday festivities, it is important to keep your pets in mind. While most of us welcome the sights, sounds and smells of the season, holidays can also be chaotic-especially for dogs. Holiday festivities can interrupt a dog’s routine and […]

Pit reunite

In a near-miraculous recovery, a dog that was on a boat that sank in Richardson Bay during Thursday’s storm swam a mile to shore, walked to a church she had visited with her animal guardian and was reunited with him in an emotional meeting two days later. Daisy, a brown and white pit bull belonging […]

By Christie Aschwanden December 15 at 12:08 PMWith final exams bearing down on them this month, nearly 1,000 students at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond turned out for “Paws for Stress” — a chance to pet and play with therapy dogs.Pets were once considered a leisure interest, one best kept at home. But there’s a […]


Wherefore art thou, Romeo? A 400-pound pig named after Juliet’s boyfriend decided to go for a Sunday stroll in Queens — startling a passerby who couldn’t believe her eyes and called police. Happily, it didn’t end in a Shakespearean tragedy. Cops from the 113th Precinct, who have known Romeo for years, just watched him waddle […]

The search for a beloved runaway pet is traumatizing, but not always hopeless. ( On rare occasions, lost pets thought to be gone forever have mysteriously found their ways home, sometimes years after they were first lost. SEE ALSO: 30 Instagram pets that colored our world in 2014 Hear the miraculous stories of long lost animals […]

The Top 20 Reasons Dogs Do Not Use Computers 20. Can’t stick their heads out of Windows ’95. 19. Fetch command not available on all platforms. 18. Hard to read the monitor with your head cocked to one side. 17. Too difficult to “mark” every website they visit. 16. Can’t help attacking the screen when […]

C.K., a reader from Madison, Wis., writes that she loves her dog and cats, each of which has been “a source of great comfort and love” for her and her family. Now, however, her pets are growing old and she wonders how to decide when it’s time to “let them die in peace or put […]

 Boston terriers thrive on human companionship  and they deteriorate in the absence thereof, notes the Boston Terrier Club of America. This is apparently what happened to Butch, who wandered an Alabama neighborhood for two and a half years after being abandoned, reports. He ate garbage, was occasionally fed by people in the town on […]