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Pet Pig On Plane Kicked

A pet pig trying to board a U.S. Airways plane in Connecticut found out that not all pigs can fly. The porky passenger was grounded at Bradley International Airport for turning the cabin into a pig pen and disrupting other passengers. The 70-pound pot-bellied pig was brought on to the flight as an emotional support […]

Millions of pet owners could unknowingly put their dogs and cats at risk when they travel for the holidays, but a few tips can make the journey safer and more enjoyable. “We recommend all pets be secured in vehicles,” said Ryan McTigue, Michigan Humane Society spokesperson. “You can use a crate or a harness that […]

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones living in one of the balmier states, you’ve felt the cold chill of winter arrive. For some of us, cold weather is regarded as a mere nuisance; for others, it’s a fun time filled with snowboarding, skiing and other winter joys; and still others will find this time […]

Sure, we can chuckle when someone leaves money for a pet. What will your pet do with the money? Nothing, but you want to make sure someone takes care of your pet. While you can’t directly leave money for them, you might set up a trust. Forbes covers the serious issue of how you’ll make […]

Dumb and Dumber, 1994 In the 1994 comedy Dumb and Dumber, Jeff Daniels’s character Harry Dunne spends his life savings converting a utility van into a mobile dog-grooming business—called Mutt Cutts and made up to look like a sheepdog—then ditches the business to go goofballing across the country with Jim Carrey. That is to say, […]

With some snow in the forecast this weekend, it’s important to remember to keep pets safe. Not having a shelter for an outside dog not only puts them at risk, but can get you arrested. According to the Ottumwa City Code, dogs must have a shelter that has a roof and floor that’s lined with […]

Why do dogs bite? MANY BITES INVOLVE STRAYS “If a dog has teeth, it has potential to bite,” Sgt. Stephen Romero, a 20-year veteran of Denver’s Animal Control, said. “If it’s in the right conditions [or] circumstance, it can potentially bite.” Experts who spoke to 9Wants to Know for this analysis typically categorized dogs into […]

Miley Cyrus had animal lovers squealing “abuse” after she shared photos of her pet pig getting a pedicure. The singer posted photos on Instagram Wednesday showing off her pet pig Bubba Sue’s beauty treatment. “Pig pig gonna be lookin’ fresh,” she captioned a photo of her piggy getting her nails painted bright red. In another […]

Only an ill cat would let you do this. Photograph: GK Hart/Vikki Hart/Getty Images One of the secrets to keeping your beloved pet healthy and happy is to follow some simple rules of responsible pet ownership. Always be vigilant, and make sure you report anything that doesn’t seem normal (vomiting, coughing) to your vet immediately. […]

This article was written by Adam Cecil of PolicyGenius. You’ve just brought your new pal home for the first time. You remembered the essentials: food and water bowls, a comfy bed, plenty of toys and a toolkit of grooming tools. But over 99 percent of pet owners are forgetting one of the most important products […]