These Dogs are Too Tired and Lazy Funny!

Choose your spirit animals among these dogs that are too tuckered to continue. They may look active at first but as soon as you take time watching them, you’ll never stop laughing! Some of them are too lazy to get up and eat their breakfast while others are fighting the urge to sleep. (Social)

Here are the photos that will absolutely make your day! Enjoy!

Can someone give me a mug of strong coffee so I can have my eyes opened?

Need Some Caffeine

I’m okay here!

Planking Dog

Lazy or genius?

Lazy Or Genius

I’m not trying to be funny here…

I know I shouldn’t laugh,

I’m all done for today!

I'm All Done For Today

Puppy’s best spot ever!

His Best Spot Ever!

Hold on… I can make it…

Hold On I Can Make It

Come on, come on, fall, fall, fall…

Come on, come on, fall, fall, fall…

I’m too full and sleepy

Bed In Breakfast

I’m too sober!

Sober Pup

Nope, I’m not sleeping, I’m sitting! Wait!… What?

Nope, I'm Not Sleeping, I'm Sitting! Wait... What

Save me, my hero!

Save Me My Hero

All of them are my spirit animal – (yawn) I feel like sleeping while looking at their pictures! SHARE this story to your friends so they can have their bad day changed.

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