The Myths Of Flying With Your Pets

Traveling is supposed to be a good thing. You’re “getting away from it all”. But we all know, there is stress in getting ready to go and sometimes in the going too!If your travel companions are your pets and you’re putting them on a plane, the stress may be magnified. And when you hear the numbers, it doesn’t make it better.According to the US Department of Transportation, there were 17 pet deaths, 26 pet injuries and two pets that went missing on US airline carriers last year.More than 2-million pets and animals are flown by the nation’s carriers each year. Here are two myths about traveling with pets.Myth One – Animals frequently get injured or even die in the pet cargo holds.The Healthy Dog Workshop says most injuries, escapes or deaths occur on the ground due to crates being dropped or broken.Myth Two – You should always administer a sedative or tranquilizer to your pet before traveling with them.According to one vet USA TODAY talked to, sedatives and tranquilizers have an effect on heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory function, balance, response time and even temperament, which can be a risk for pets with conditions.Other Stories Of InterestWoman Says Dog Died After Left In Drying CageMust Airlines Honor Mistake Fares?

Source: The Myths Of Flying With Your Pets

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