KYON Smart Pet Tracker Looks Just Like A Regular Collar |

GET OURTOP STORIESAND MOREDelivered to yourinbox for free! Did Naughty Dog use Assassin’s Creed concept art in its Uncharted 4 trailer? Microsoft’s Hub Keyboard for Android blends functionality with multitasking House of Cards Season 4 and Daredevil Season 2 highlight new Netflix arrivals in March 2016In a pet technology market that consists largely of flimsy clip-on gadgets or veterinary surgical procedures, Kyon is introducing a high-tech dog collar that’s packed with internal sensors to protect your pet. The fundamental idea behind Kyon is that the device looks more like a regular collar than a tech-enabled gadget. Meanwhile, its impressive suite of sensors and circuitry work to keep you in tune with the less obvious elements of your pet’s health, and a mobile tracking solution ensures you’ll be able to track your pet down if it gets lost.“We started working on Kyon about two and a half years ago with a small team of engineers,” creatorFounder Leon Yohai told Digital Trends. “I have a Maltese named Charlie, and I wanted to be able to communicate with him. Small dogs don’t communicate as well as larger breeds, so I wanted to know when he needed to go out, if he was too hot, if he was too cold – I wanted to know exactly what was going on with him.”

Source: KYON Smart Pet Tracker Looks Just Like A Regular Collar | Digital Trends

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