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If you own a pet and rent your home, you need renters insurance. Even the nicest pets can cause an expensive accident. Renters insurance protects your liability from pet accidents, and it’s very affordable. America loves pets. The Insurance Information Institute estimates that over 60 million American households own a dog. And nearly 75 million […]

The wildfires ravaging California are growing increasingly severe, with the Mendocino Complex fire recently becoming the state’s largest on record. But in a small story of hope, a pet chicken and a cat found solace in each other during one of the blazes last week — and were recently reunited with their owners’ families. “It really was an […]

No kidding! More than 100 rogue goats descend on Idaho neighborhood Residents in West Boise, Idaho, were surely dumbfounded Friday morning when they stepped outside their front doors to find dozens of hungry goats snacking through their yards. oe Parris, a reporter with local NBC affiliate KTVB, tweeted a series of photos from the scene, […]