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Answers Pet Food got some questions recently from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which it probably did not want to hear.Samples of Detailed Answers Chicken Formula dog food taken by FDA last Oct. 5 returned positive for Salmonella Enteritis. The FDA sent Lystn LLC, which does business as Answers Pet Food, a warning […]

An Australian sheep dog named Maggie made headlines this week after it was revealed that she passed away at a potentially record-breaking 30-years-old.The elderly pup’s heartbroken owner, dairy farmer Brian McLaren, confirmed the death to local media, saying his beloved Kelpie seemed healthy right before she died.”She was 30 years old, she was still going […]

Harper loved squirrels. So hours before their final trip to the vet in November, John Loughney brought the eight-year-old spaniel mix to Capitol Hill’s Garfield Park and watched as she took one last run at them. “It was like every squirrel in the world came out to say goodbye,” says Loughney, who lives near Eastern […]

Victorian farmer farewells best mate, believed to be world’s oldest dogMel Buttigieg – Yahoo7 News on April 19, 2016, 2:55 pmVIDEO Maggie’s long life with a dash of mystery SHARE TWEET EMAIL A four-legged Victorian senior citizen, believed to be the oldest dog in the world, has sadly performed her last trick.30-year-old Maggie the Kelpie, […]

  When firefighters in Broward County, Florida arrived late Thursday at a home on fire, they assumed the evening emergency would include pulling trapped residents to safety.share linkFirefighters rescue 33 dogs during house fire to reopen beloved zookeeper’s death in tiger attack Drone strikes plane near London airport Oscar Pistorius appears in court; sentencing for […]

Polk County firefighter John Williams was doing a sweep of a single-family home in Mulberry, Florida, that had erupted in flames after a grease fire started in the kitchen on April 8. But little did he know that there was one more rescue ahead of him.”The smoke was thick when Williams came upon the cage […]

In a YouTube video shared by Madison Blakely, a furry pup named Luke sprints to bed as soon as he hears the off-sound of the family’s living room TV.RELATED: Dog naps in bed with sleeping toddler in adorable videoBut this isn’t just a one time thing for the dog, as he does it every night.This […]

After a group of Florida firefighters protected several homes and lives by containing a wildfire on Thursday, they had one more tiny rescue to make.Once the fire that spread over about 285 acres in the Royal Trails section of Lake County was contained, members of Lake County Fire Rescue were surveying the area when they […]

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April is National Pet Month and a good time to adopt a dog or cat. But living with pets in Arizona can be challenging. Here are some questions you may have:Where should I install a doggie door?Lots of dog door kits are for sale in pet stores and elsewhere.The best place to install that door […]

Among the things kids hate most, visiting the dentist ranks near the top. Unless they’re going to Pediatric Dentistry of Northbrook, Illinois.That practice, which includes doctors Thomas Resnick and Paul Egger, has found a way to help young patients relax and — dare we say it — even enjoy teeth cleanings. Their secret: a 6-year-old […]

There’s no question that pet owners go to great links to make sure their fur babies are taken care of, but what about using a sick day from work?A new survey released shows that almost 25 percent of people have used a sick day to take care of their pet.The survey also found that people […]